Gurdwara Sahib Sukh Sagar

Sikh Rehat Maryada  

The Rehat Maryada is the code of conduct for sikhs. It explains the things that Sikhs can and cannot do, showing them the way of Sikh living. Many attempts were made to create the Rehat Maryada soon after the Joti Jot of Guru Gobind Singh Ji but were unsuccessful because they were anti-Muslim and did not align with many of the principals of the Guru’s because degrading another religion is something the Guru’s would never do as sikh sangat believed at the time. The Rehat Nama (Rehat Maryada) was given final changes & approved by Gurdwara Shiromani in 1945. The Sikh sangat approved of the Maryada in 1950 and thus it was fully established without changes being made. 

The Rehat Nama explains everything from the definition of a Sikh, personal life, principles to follow, taking Amrit, and so much more. The Rehat Nama is very long but includes lots of key principles that every Sikh must follow especailly if they have taken Amrit. There is a section within the Maryada which explains how to get ready for and partake of Amrit which must be followed thoroughly. The Rehat is an important piece of guidance to those especially who try to find loopholes in Sikhi to do such things they should not be doing and it should be followed down to every single word to achieve a better understanding of what a Sikh must do and become a better Sikh of the Guru.